Thursday, February 26, 2015

Homemade Sourdough English Muffins

We made Sourdough English Muffins this morning, including our two year old ... They are so good, it's like eating doughnuts fried in butter.  You mix up the dough the night before and let it rest on your counter.  Then in the morning you sprinkle baking soda and salt on top.  You work it in with a couple more cups of flour and then roll and cut!  They have to rise 1 hour which is the hardest part.... waiting.  Then you plug in your pancake griddle and smear with a stick of butter and start frying! 

The last time I tried doing this by myself with all three little ones.... there was flour everywhere, little people snitching dough, pushing and pulling already made ones, oh it was less than enjoyable in the wee hours of morning.  This time, I sent big brother outside with two of them to scrape ice and snow off the steps along with finishing the last of the unloading of the truck.  Then the reward was sledding! 

That left two older girls to manage English Muffin Making with their baby sister and I jumped in for my second shower in 1/2 a year!  It was glorious and wonderful and everyone got along. 

Work is so important for all of us, even the littlest.  Sometimes it seems easier to do things ourselves and work in quiet, but usually what happens with a house full of children is that some sort of argument or disagreement breaks out.  People get antsy and don't feel like they've made a contribution to the family and become unhappy with themselves. 

A little work for the littles, a little more for the middles and a fair amount for the oldest children makes for a very happy and enjoyable day.  When reading and school work happen, everyone looks forward to the rest from work.  Of course, there's always a lot of play in between, and they seem to enjoy it better, having worked first.

One more thought... I don't want to forget to mention the most important part of any day.  Besides prayer and confession as we roll along, I believe it is Bible and Prayer time right after breakfast.  If we neglect this, we've forgotten our eternal task given to us by God Himself:  the raising and training up of our children in His righteousness. 

I find that the reading and discussion we do in the morning, becomes reference material throughout the day for me to use.  Somehow the Holy Spirit takes our obedience, not our perfection, to God's word and our faithfulness to read it to work God's truths out in our hearts and daily lives.  Isn't He wonderful!!! 

This doesn't have to be difficult and complicated, it is enjoyable and peaceful amidst the very busyness of child rearing and homemaking.  We can be physically exhausted at times and I think this is pretty normal, but inside our hearts and minds, we can soar and be renewed day by day just like the Bible says.

One disclaimer:  We've had a great morning today, but if you would peek into my home say yesterday or perhaps in a few hours, you'd find something different.... a bunch of disgruntled and unhappy sinners needing the grace of God..... again and for one another.  You'd find us telling each other "I'm sorry for..... (fill in the blank)" and hearing, "I forgive you" and "let's try again."  We're a team and that means both victories and mistakes that we all make together and it's OK, God's got it covered, praise Him!

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  1. This is a great post, I love hearing about your life and how things roll for you and your family. I agree, teaching our children is important and a very integral part of their life. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings