Monday, February 16, 2015

9 Children Moving a Pantry

 I had some wonderful children from Tok, Alaska visiting today and all three children aged 8, 5, and 2 pitched in with my children aged 15, 14, 12, 7, 5, and 2 to pack up my pantry and it took less than 20 minutes!  They should be listed in some sort of Book of World Records.

Oh, but they are..... I almost forgot, God sees each and every hand working together to get a job done.  No job is to small in His kingdom, not even moving a pantry.  What a blessing to see and hear these homeschooled children with a multitude of ages, working together, talking and passing food up, from what we jokingly call, the abyss or dungeon.  It stays right around 40 degrees Fahrenheit even in sub zero temperatures because it is underground.

Our visiting guests' Mother blogs occasionally at Alaskan Blessings but is better known at her Etsy site for making the cutest Alaskan dolls, amazing hand lotion, chap stick, and her latest endeavor:  snow dyed fabric.  She explained the process to me today and it's quite fascinating, check out her blog and Etsy store here:  Alaskan Blessings  you'll be blessed!

So, how do you create teamwork in children..... ?  Get all their attention at the same time and tell them a story, kids love stories about when you were little or some little interesting tidbit.  Look into their eyes, give them your time and attention.  I first asked them if they knew how they put out fires in the olden days, before trucks, hoses, and sirens.... like in the pioneer days out on the prairies.  They all shared and then I explained the exciting method of passing a bucket from one to the next. 

That's it, they got the idea and couldn't wait to start!  We picked the oldest child as the leader and he got to place all his helpers and away they went!  Each passed a pantry item to the next person in line and up the stairs everything traveled in a speedy way.  It was a new adventure!  As adults we forget how new everything is to a child and when we're excited about something, usually they will be too.  It's all in the attitude and the positive expression of an idea, whether the seed will take in their minds.  Once it takes, watch out, it will grow with just a few words of caution such as: no monkey business and playing around on the stairs, and don't lean over to far....

Every team needs a leader.  It's a great job for the older children and they rise to the occasion.  Every one needs to know how to follow as well.  Each job is important.  A leader is no more important than the follower and every one understands his/her job is crucial to success.  The hardest part for me, as a Mother, is stepping away and letting them practice leadership and teamwork without stepping in.  Words of caution are always in order but sometimes letting them learn something the hard way is a good lesson as well, as long as no one is getting hurt.  Then they take ownership of the lesson they learned, it wasn't just taught by me, they learned it by experience.  It really sets in this way.

I love Motherhood!  What an adventure and wonderful season in my life!


  1. What a great post, and some great ideas for getting children to work together. I would love it if you would share this at Good Morning Mondays, many families could benefit. Blessings

  2. Thanks for taking the time to link up. A new link up will be starting on Monday and I would love to hear more of your life in Alaska. Blessings