Friday, February 13, 2015

Flying into Naknek Village

This was taken about an hour ago at the Fairbanks Airport.  This is a missionary plane that Daddy and our oldest daughter are flying in with a total of 8 people down to the village of Naknek for the weekend.  This team of teens and adults will be teaching another group of teens how the wordless book can be integrated into Bible stories, making them a true Bible lesson, as they learn to link verses and basic Biblical truth into the story.

They are all dressed warmly and prepared with a small amount of clothing, gear, food, and teaching materials; having to keep a close eye on the weight of everything.

It is being flown by the husband of a CEF field worker from Fairbanks.  CEF stands for Child Evangelism Fellowship, a wonderful non-profit organization that has been around sine 1930.  To learn more about the work they do in Alaska, please visit their site at 

The plane belongs to MARC, Missionary Aviation Repair Center stationed in Soldotna.  If you're interested in learning more about their wonderful ministry go to

It is always a blessing to see missionary organizations working together to fill others needs.  We feel so honored to have been invited to be a part of the trip down to Naknek this weekend.  Please pray for everyone's safety and mutual encouragement for all those people learning, teaching, and growing together.
This just in, taken half hour ago!  They're off!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful trip and experience for father and daughter. I look forward to hearing how it went. Blessings.