Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trip to the Ice Park

Tea anyone?

A trip down the ice slides with Mama...
And Daddy too!

Weeee!  Lots of slides!

The Ice Princess

The woolly mammoth returns with children on it's trunk!
At the University of Fairbanks Museum, they have a very well preserved Woolly Mammoth skin that was found in the ice.  It looks so much like a relative of the elephant!  At one time Alaska was filled with animals and vegetation!  Some of it has been preserved in the ice.  Amazing isn't it, to think of Alaska as a place that hosted life year round.  The creation scientist's believe that after the world wide flood, and massive rains, precipitation fell in the form of snow at a rapid rate, covering the poles with snow and ice, bringing on the "Ice Age."  Check out their ideas at It is in agreement with Scripture.
It's my turn now!
This bowl shaped toy spun around with Daddy pushing.  It was very heavy and carved out of ice too.  You may be wondering where Daddy is in all these pictures?  He's the one behind the camera.  I fell during the first few minutes of enjoying the ice park and hurt my wrist!  My ribs are a little sore today and my wrist feels O.K.  I tripped over a large piece of decorative ice buried under the fresh snow!  It was a glorious all out fall and my husband yelled, "SAFE!" after I sailed through the snow completely stretched out!  It was so funny!

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  1. I can almost envision the whole seen. I'll bet it was funny in retrospect!