Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sourdough, Pot Pies, and Pink Parasols

Is it ever going to be Spring again?
I'll settle for my homemade caribou pot pie!
Reindeer is just domesticated caribou, by the way.  Isn't this awful?
Caribou pot pie sounds much better than reindeer pot pie.
Or mom's homemade sourdough English muffins...
I got a start of sour dough from Sarah, a friend in Tok.  She also
writes a blog called  She's got
some great pictures of cutting up caribou and some recipes too.

Ice Skating with Daddy beats the winter blues!
So does playing with play-doh!
Scrubbing these Alaskan potatoes helps the entire family....

Scrubbing my baby dolly is more fun...
I am drying her by the Toyo Stove.
Today the sun is shinning.  It is brilliant and promises the hope of Spring around the corner.... O.K.  perhaps a few more months and then Spring.  I will post the first few tidbits of green that we spot!  The World Class Championship Ice Carving Festival is held every Spring here in Fairbanks.  It is so amazing to see carved images in crystal clear ice.  They also build an entire playground complete with 500 ft. slides for the children and all the adults are seen trying it out as well!  This festival lasts for about a month before things begin to start dripping.  When we go, we'll be sure to take lots of pictures and post them.  Perhaps some of you will be lured into coming up to visit after you see them.

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