Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow Monster!

Up from the deep cover of snow I come.....

Back yard hike in chest deep snow... depending on your height

Look at our snow cake castle....better than sand, because you can eat it when you're done!

The littlest snow monster...
Our littlest boy is standing on so much accumulated snow, we've lost a couple of front porch steps under him.

Snowy cabin frozen in time

We've almost had the same amount of snow in the last two days that we've had all winter!  Yesterday it reached 25 degrees above zero and we had so much fun hiking through the new fluffy white snow. It also got a little windy towards the end of the day and we had some brief white outs.  It was very exciting and I am so glad we have a warm cabin with electricity, good food to eat, running water in the kitchen and bath, and good warm company to share laughs and stories with.  So we're minus a toilet, we hardly miss it!

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