Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where Have We Been?

Frozen Waterfalls
I am sorry to have disappointed many of you following this blog of family life in Alaska.  We are not in Alaska right now, we have been in Oregon for the past three weeks and are continuing on here for a season.  Our oldest daughter has some arrhythmia problems with her heart.  She is wearing an event monitor to record episodes and under a Pediatric Cardiologist's care.  It is not life threatening, praise God, but is proving to be somewhat of a mystery.  Those of you that would like to contact us, may do so at 907-347-2421.  I won't be doing any more blogging until we get this medical issue taken care of. 

We hope everyone has a Happy Easter today and we appreciate all your prayers as we go through this time of waiting and wondering.  We trust God, although we don't always understand his timing or his ways.  We know He is good and worthy of our trust.  He brought His own Son up from the grave this day almost 2000 years ago and we know He is alive today, working mightily in people's hearts all over this globe.  Praise be to His name this Easter and every day after, forever. 

Whatever the future holds, we know it is all in His precious hands and will happen according to His loving will.  God Bless!

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