Thursday, December 29, 2016

Oregon Colleges were Once Christian

Oregon Colleges started out by Christians and for Christians

Follow the link above and be amazed.  We've come so far away from what our Christian forefathers had in mind....we can put our heads in the sand and try to forget about it, or begin to read for ourselves our past history as a nation and country.  I hope that our new President and the new Year in which he rises to leadership will bring us back to the bedrock of truth....a foundation that our ancestors once believed in.  Happy New Year Everyone!

I've heard it before; most colleges and universities were started and run by Christians.  Now I've read about it in the above link and it hits close to home....

Christmas 2016
We are eagerly anticipating using this old schoolhouse built in 1906, and it's connecting gymnasium built in 1931, for private parties and events in the coming new year.  We see a real need to reconnect the generations and learn from one another...some of the best ways to learn are through storytelling, hands-on activities, talking to real live people who attended school here, reading old books written 100 + years ago....attending museums, chatting with those who have lived through many wars and hard times.

No, we're not official yet.  This has been a new vision in the we didn't dream that has been growing since we've lived in this place over a year.  Yes, a year is along time for some of us.:)

We hope to share with you as the vision grows and takes on a more structured form in the coming months ahead.

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