Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Missing Alaska but enjoying the Oregon snow

Snowflake anyone?

What could be better than this?

Baby's first Oregon.

Yes, it's a real carrot and real charcoal...

Too cold for piano?  Wear some mittens:)

Snow:  the calorie free snack.

Brother and Sis enjoying one another's friendship...
It snowed last week and melted off and then snowed again today.  This is a lot of snow for Oregon and we have thoroughly enjoyed rolling in it, eating it, slipping around in it, sledding in it, walking and running in it...pouring molasses on it, throwing it at each other, etc.

We miss Alaska and all the friendships we made there.  God must of known that a little snow here and there is somehow comforting to the soul.  It is peaceful and quiet....perhaps because all seven children leave the house:)

It is such a delight to play in the snow and wonder at the beauty of it.  I almost feel like a kid again whenever it snows...I have to resist the urge to call my brothers with the excited shout, "It snowed!"  Somehow it is so magical to wake up to a blanket of white, even as an adult.

Merry Snow Days Everyone!

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