Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Year Challenge

Bringing in the New Year with a BANG
Happy New Year everyone....I suggest not making any new resolutions, you'll just forget about it anyway and then be discouraged that you were never able to live up to your own expectations.

Instead, I challenge you to get rid of anything that continually trips you up and entangles you in sin.  Press on towards the high calling and finish line, looking to the author and finisher of your faith....sound familiar?

It will not only encourage you, inspire you, build you up and make you a success, you'll live forever while doing it, make new friends, learn to love your enemies, doing good to all those that surround you.  What more could you want for the New Year?

Oh, but it's not about you.....I know, I know, we hear it all the time but it's a passing smokescreen covering up your emptiness and real need for a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

How is that possible?  How do you have a real relationship with the God of the Universe?  It's been started for you already in His heart...He is the person of Jesus Christ: His work already finished...death on the cross, His proof of identity...being raised from the dead,  His is the power and kingdom and dominion forever, AMEN.

Trust Him at His word.  He loves you.  He's reached out to you in the form of His very own Son, will you call on Him today?

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