Sunday, March 6, 2016

Glorious Spring

It's hard to "bloom where you're planted" without any roots.  This blossom was lovingly "planted" by one of my small children in the flowerbed out front a few weeks ago.  It has no root, just a wood like stalk with a gorgeous bloom. 

The rest of the flowers out front do have roots.  You just can't tell yet which ones are really alive.  The alive ones appear less than lovely at times; the slugs eat away at the leaves, maybe they don't receive as much water as others, possibly a little one tugs at a bloom or two and ends up pulling the whole plant up..... but it is easily replanted because it has.....ROOTS. 

While I was waiting for the above pictures to download I was curious..... I just had to check.  I went out front to pull up the flower without roots and check, just in case it had grown some in the past few weeks.  I was hoping no one would notice me out in my pajama's doing the deed...

Nope, no roots, just dirt and rot.  You can even began to see the edges of the once beautiful petals dying.  It sure did last along time, though.  It really surprised me. 

So, what about roots?  I had someone tell me one time, "You need to put down roots!"  I think they were hoping I would quit moving around and make life long friends, memories and be involved with local activities on a level most are comfortable with.

I thought about it, mused on it and moved again and again and again.  BUT  I realized that indeed, I do have roots.  I have lots of roots and deep ones at that.  Just because we move on doesn't mean we sever the roots of our friendships, memories, and chosen activities.  We bring all that culture and meaning along with us wherever we go. 

So, the next time you meet someone new that has recently moved, don't assume they don't have any roots.... ask them what is important in life and what lessons they've learned.  Listen to their stories and learn from their experiences.  Life is rich when we began to appreciate, understand, and learn from one another. 

Perhaps some of the deepest roots are formed in the driest most severe seasons of drought in our lives.  We know where to go for water...the bedrock of our lives can only truly be the Lord Jesus Christ.  If our roots are truly deep they will be embedded forever in His strength. 

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