Monday, March 28, 2016

Springtime Splendor

To be still, or to jump, that is the question....
Some friends of ours brought over live bunnies yesterday to celebrate Easter.  All the kids enjoyed petting and playing with the bunnies in the backyard in between rainy showers and sun breaks.

Lovely young ladies from the Mother Daughter Tea
A few Saturdays ago we ladies had a tea and enjoyed one another's company and making these cute little bonnets from a paper plate and a paper bowl, so creative and fun. 

More baby bunny fun...
Thank-you dear friends for bringing joy wrapped up in fur..
I love spring... the season of re-birth and new life.  Hope comes to mind as well as anticipation for what the year ahead will bring.  Children embody all the best in life:  laughter, joy, glee, happiness, no real sense of time passing by, quick to forgive, trusting, staying in the moment, cherishing each activity they engage in.

No wonder Jesus told the Pharisee's that unless they became like little children they could not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  If we could put the glasses of childlikeness on but for a few moments a day I believe we'd be so much further ahead.  Or at least wear them long enough to recapture the newness and joy of each passing day and to see what a privilege it is to live!

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