Friday, February 19, 2016

Gingey visits Home School

 Gingey makes his appearance once again!  He climbed in the crayon box yesterday and lil' fireball handed him two big pencils.
Yesterday we sat down at the table to “do school.”  I had prepared everything in advance for them (my younger children).  “What could possibly go wrong today,” I remember thinking to my prideful self…. Strife….. over the NEW….PINK……PENCIL SHARPENER....not two seconds into our school time…. 
I don’t remember accomplishing much at all yesterday in the way of academics….but in the way of teaching my children how to value one another, work at getting along and sharing:  leaps and bounds.  You see, a humble little gingerbread came to visit our table.  He stood in the crayon box quietly looking on….
 There are entire lessons we've learned from this humble little guy...even discussions on human see, he is neither male nor female, really, he is gingerbread!  You can only imagine that he is a wonderful teaching tool in this day and age that we live...
 Our eldest daughter practicing on her big brother's accordion in the ole Schoolhouse.
 Our eldest, scientist and inventor, fixing the family waffle iron which was left lovingly by his dear Mother beside the trash can just so he'd find it, knowing all the while, for him it would be like finding gold.  (Quite possibly a run-on sentence....sorry)  AND, yes, it works again.  He explained it to me but alas, I lack the electrical knowledge it requires to fully appreciate and understand exactly what he did.  I encouraged him to start up a small repair business on the side....
 The gym, fondly known by the locals as "The Coliseum."
Our daughter sweeping up box elder beetles in preparation for volleyball night tonight.  What fun on a pair of rollerblades!  The ladder like thing simply protects the duct work from flying balls and the like.  Except that it has also been a great temptation for little adventurous boys to climb as well....

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  1. It's nice to find you blogging again & to catch up on your story. The family looks wonderfully well. I think you are doing a good work letting your light shine in this blog! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia