Thursday, February 4, 2016

Our Alaskantonian Christmas

I just finished reading, “Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe,” by Todd Wilson.  Every homeschooling family has got to have a copy of this!  The purpose of this short, easy to read book is to help mom’s understand that there are no perfect families out there.  He encourages us to BE REAL.  We don’t have to do it all, be it all and look good all the same time.  No heavy burdens here, just a lot of great laughs.  Truly a fresh perspective on our day to day lives as we continue in our decision to educate our children at home.  I looked for a good quote to share but it’s all so good, how could I choose?  You'll have to read it yourself. 
Until then, enjoy some real photos and some real people doing real things...
I know its Feb. 4, but how could I resist sharing our Christmas with you?  After all we moved a week before (Christmas, that is) and we all know how a move throws everything off for a while.  Now, it's catch up time, including home school.  Yes, it's possible, don't worry if you've just moved, had a baby, undergone a remodeling project, or any other number of life changing events or possibly all 3 of the above...
Can we be done posing already?

I probably shouldn't be running with this hand saw....

And THIS is why!
 Lil' fireball almost wipes out with saw in hand; had it not been for his nimble toes doing the nimble dance!
When all else fails, use a chainsaw!

And hook up your Alaskan sled dog...

Unscripted, un posed and being real
We hope to continue sharing our REAL days with you all and we hope you'll enjoy following our strange mix of Alaska and Oregon life as it unfolds from day to day.

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