Monday, May 25, 2015

Setting up a real Teepee

Making a 3-pole tripod
 Last week our 3 oldest children were invited to help set up a summer teepee down by the river with two friends from church; "Uncle" who is an elder and "Miss" who teaches the kids Sunday School.  First they lashed together 3 poles with rope and raised it up.  Then they measured between the poles to make sure there was equal distance separating them.
Lashing with rope before raising it up...

Will it stay up?

The skeleton frame is done
The kids said they just continued to set poles onto the original lashed together pieces to make the rest of the frame.

Wrapping with canvas...

Will it fit?

Pulling the edges together with wooden dowels...

Taking a break by the river...

Wooden dowels holding edges together...
What a wonderful opportunity for my older children to spend time with another couple from church and enjoying one another's company.  It was also a great way for me to have some one on one time with my littler children.  Sometimes I forget we are a big family.  It doesn't feel that way to us but when some of them are gone, I realize that there truly are a lot of little bodies, hearts and souls under my care!  Each one requires time, effort, prayer, thoughts, and my listening ears.  When three are gone, it frees up more of my time to invest in my little ones. 

When the big kids came back they noticed the difference in the little children being more willing to help and learn to pull their own weight around the home.  It's easy to rely on the older children to do to much and then not expect enough from the younger ones.  

We are always learning as parents and growing together as a family.  We are looking forward to welcoming our new little one in just a few more days!


  1. What a busy and fun day! You guys know how to party ;-) .

  2. Oh how exciting to have your kids learn to make a real teepee!! And what a special time to enjoy with your little ones too!!