Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Chena River Outing

Giddy-up Horse!

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver's old house from last Winter, overlooking a nearby pond

Looking down the Chena River...

Back to the beaver pond and some rafting

Heave ho!
The explorer's are off!

Time to sit and wait....

One little swim before we ride home?

A little bedtime music anyone?
My husband's great Aunt gave our oldest son his Great Uncle's accordion for his 16th Birthday.  He was just learning to play it when we lived with her for a few months last summer.  He was so excited to receive it back as a gift and plays it almost every evening sitting outside on the steps.  He has picked out by ear all sorts of beautiful hymns and the star wars theme.  I even heard him playing Canon in D the other day, one of my favorite classical pieces.  His dog will join in with some all out howling for backup as well.  It is so funny.  The dog will only do it when he's alone just with our son.  If someone comes out to try and take a snap shot or video, the dog becomes quiet.

 Last Saturday we left around dinner time and headed for the Chena River for a picnic, a little rafting, hiking and rock scavenging or throwing.  We had a great time relaxing and I'm pretty sure I may have found a little gold....OK, so it might be pyrite, but it sure looks like a nugget embedded in some crystal like granite of some sort.  My ankles and feet were so huge I couldn't even get them in my sandals from all the hiking around but it was worth it. 

Sometimes you just have to put your work down and go play with the rest of your daylight.  We're so glad we did. 

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  1. What a wonderful outing - just love those precious outdoor moments with the family! My mother played the accordion, and taught me as well, although I haven't played one in years. So nice to have some "portable" music!