Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter Tea in Subzero Temperatures

Contemplating the joys of tea...

Learning the art of pinky lifting...

I do it too!

What a good boy I am!

I'm a lady too!
It's actually been quite warm, for Fairbanks, Alaska.  It has been above zero for almost a whole week!  It actually feels rather balmy out compared to almost minus 40! 

This is our first official tea party with Great Grandma's and Great Auntie's teacups since we've arrived in Alaska.   I know I can hear some of you shaking your heads about letting little ones use such antiques but it is only once in a great while and they try to be so careful and important as they value such delicate pieces of china.  We did give Baby a modern cup, just in case.  Glad we did, as he tipped it upside down upon his head and laughed in glee!


  1. This is fascinating - that is your story. The reason it interests me is because my husband and I watch a lot of the Alaskan Bush People and other Alaska The Last Frontier programs - the ones where people are self sufficient. (The Discovery Chanel) I really admire them. When I lived in Iowa we always said we were having a heat wave if it went up to 20 degrees. I am so glad you linked and look forward to your blog!

    1. Thank-you, I really enjoyed visiting your blog too! I love anything tea related. Some friends of ours are headed south for a few weeks and are picking up all my tea cups and pots that have been in storage almost a year. I can hardly wait to have another tea party. They are part of my dearly loved Grandmother's and Great Auntie's collection.