Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box for an Eternity

Shape sorting in a profitable way...

Problem solving in a real world...

The Gerhardt Family Preschool
I post these pictures as proof that thinking outside the box has its benefits....  We had a wonderful time occupying our pre-readers by sorting out two messy drawers.  It kept their attention for at least a full 20 minutes which is a long time for a three year old and baby brother.  Enough time for the older children to finish their math in semi quietness....  My 22 month old boy sorted and stacked an entire tea box full of post it notes!  We sorted miscellaneous clothespins, note cards, rulers, pencils, tape, tacks, paper clips, etc.  We had a blast!

Let's not limit what our children can do to help!  When we work, so should they.  When they are ready for a break, we should take one too!  We enjoy every moment we get to spend teaching and training them as we walk, as we rise up, as we rest, just like the Old Testament says!  It doesn't say it is always easy.  It doesn't say we will always like it.  It does say it is the right way to train children.  It never says to give them up to a humanistic system for the better part of their days as they become educated and immersed in another way of thinking, contrary to Scripture.  Homeschooling is difficult and not for the faint of heart.  Being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ in the 21st Century is not easy but so rewarding.  My life here on earth is so short in comparison with eternity.  When my sights are lifted to the face of Jesus, I can do anything with the strength that He provides.  When my eyes look downward at my surroundings, I freak out.  I drown in fear and confusion just like Peter sinking in the waves.  

Christianity is real.  Jesus Christ is really God.  Hell exists.  God's wrath is eminent.  His forgiveness stands.  How do I know? 

Do I need an archaeologist to prove it?  No.  Do I need the evidence of a scientist?  No.  Do I need permission from the government?  No.  Do I need the advice of the medical field?  No.  What do I need to prove that my faith is real along with millions of other lives, past and present that have also believed?

I stand.  Even if I am alone, I stand.  In the wake of bitterness, hurt, frustration, exhaustion, loneliness, and whatever other negative pressures and feelings surrounding me, I stand.  Not by my own will, but His alone.  Not only am I standing, I am peaceful.  I am happy.  I am able to forgive and be forgiven.  I rejoice in everything, even hardship.  I am running this race to the finish line.  Forgive me if I do not glance in your direction, I am using every last ounce of my strength to finish well, and finish strong.  All of my being strains as I see the line in my sight...

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