Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas At Last!

The children's favorite part of Christmas morning is opening their stockings.

Daddy got a Bible this Christmas to replace his duct tapped one.


Dining princes! 
(Yes, our littlest boy got a doll for Christmas from his older sister.)

"Room shoes" from our friends, Kunami, Hayate, and Riku who live in Japan!

Little ones inspecting their new "room shoes" quite closely!
 The children were so excited to receive a package all the way from Japan and having met this family personally and had them over for a meal and card games while living in Oregon has been the best experience.  The little boys were so lively and the Mother so sweet and we had fun playing with them in the cul-de-sac and backyard play structure.  Even though it happened years ago, all my children, except the "aka chung" remember.  Kunami taught us a few words of Japanese and I always remember that "aka chung" means red faced one, or baby.  I'm not sure if I am spelling it right....  We still have a box that she made to teach us the letter sounds.  We'll never part with it because it reminds us of that special family.
First attempt to dress himself without help...
I know this photo doesn't really fit the Christmas theme but I snapped it this morning as it was so cute!

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