Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Where are the Weeks going?

Hello All,

We know where the weeks go:  they pass us by with God's mercies new every morning...  I apologize for not connecting well with all, there's a lot going on but I plan to update everyone through this blog...  When we were driving through B.C. we stopped at a place called "The Log Barn."  It was so much fun and we met another Christian family while there and were mutually encouraged.

These dinosaurs were made from fiberglass and were so life-like.  The children and "Gingey" had so much fun until... we accidentally left Gingey behind in the jaws of a dinosaur... a Father was showing his young children and wife what was left behind, a gingerbread on the very brink of destruction.  I didn't want the little children to be upset so I ran up and snatched him away, explaining what we'd been up too.  Hopefully they don't have any nightmares.
Fireball getting acquainted...

Fireball having a seat on the elephants trunk

Or a dangle...

Run, Gingey, as fast as you can!

Snuggling with a Bear

Run, Dadddy and children, as fast as you can!

Not fast enough!

Wee, look at me!

Fireball showing us how he'd protect us all from the beast behind him...

Just a quick taste...

Ride the dragon anyone?

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