Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wild Horses, Giant Rhubarb, and Homemade Yogurt

We're free!
Running down the side of our house...

Stopping for a quick munch...
These horses were not really wild, as in living in the wild, but they were foot loose and fancy free.  They must belong to someone living near by.  It was quite the excitement when they came trotting through our property yesterday. The kids were sure they could saddle them up and take them for a ride, except we don't have any saddles and they would've had to catch them first!
Our first rhubarb harvest...
 My eldest son chopped it all up and we boiled it until soft with white grape juice and 2/3 cup of sugar.  Then we poured it over our sourdough waffles for breakfast.  It was delicious.  We got the idea to use fruit juice instead of sugar here at this post on making rhubarb juice without sugar GraceGardenandHomestead  If we ever get enough at once we're going to try their recipe too! 
Planting more potatoes

Our first batch of homemade yogurt
 Finally!  We found a yogurt recipe that works and you can make it in your giant crockpot.  We made 8 cups worth but you could make 12 at once.  Here's the link to the wonderful recipe at this most practical and fun blog..GraceGardenandHomestead
Look who's the last man standing...or awake!


  1. Sweet! Love to follow you. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are doing well. Love you all. If I could, I would be there to help.

  2. We have wild horses/mustangs around here. They like to follow the tractor around sometimes & are really playful.
    Your yogurt looks great! It really is the best recipe, and never fails me.
    When you use the giant rhubarb, it only takes 5 or 6 stalks to make the juice, but I prefer the little tender ones. But hey...let's just all take a minute to adore that last picture there. Yes. Him! What a darling!