Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Underground Cave

Is this a tomb or a cave?
My oldest son has hand dug what started to be a hole in the ground.... it turned into a pit and is now an underground fort!  The only wild animals that have fallen into it have been a handful of shrews.  It has been an enjoyable project for our teenagers and the little ones love to play cars in the sandy talc like dirt.  It is so powder like when dry.  We think it is river silt from a long time ago.  The whole Tanana Valley used to be under water. 

Currently, our valley is covered with smoke from numerous fires.  Many villages and homes have been evacuated and the air quality is so bad here in Fairbanks it looks like fog but it's smoke and the back of our throats are raw.  It's like being around a constant campfire.  It is rather unnerving to be here right now. 
Wood bracing at the entrance

Big brother's little helper

Sleeping beauties
What would a good blog post be without another shot of our newest addition?  What fun and how the time passes....


  1. The new baby is beautiful, and looks like big sister is very happy:)
    Wow! Your children are amazing! The tunnel is really a work of art.
    Tell them I am impressed.......
    Hugs from Shirley

  2. That is an awesome tunnel fort, but please make sure that there is no possibility of it caving in. Unfortunately, I know 2 brothers that this happened to. They were able to save one, but couldn't rescue the other in time. Such a sad tragedy. Praying that this fort will be good, safe fun for your family. Blessings, LeAnn from WA

  3. What a lot of hard work your kids went to for this tunnel! My thoughts echo the LeAnn above, worry about it caving in, especially if the soil is powdery. I thought of you when hearing about the wildfires in Alaska, and hoped that they were not bothering you. I know it is quite worrisome to have the fires so close, and especially with the constant smoke in the air. We are quite concerned here in Idaho about fires this year as well, as it has been unusually hot and dry this year. Your sweet little one is so precious! Enjoy every precious moment you can. Much love and hugs across the miles! :)