Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Planting...Indoors

Putting in pea seeds as carefully as I can...
May I do more?

Family affair... this planting of seeds.
We finally got our seeds started!  We are a little late for cucumbers and tomatoes, I hear, but we started peas, beans, squash and cabbage.  I think we tried planting cucumbers anyway.   We have yet to pick up broccoli and crooked neck squash seed.

These photos were taken in our bathroom!  It's huge and the easiest place to clean up so it doubles as the first greenhouse. 

We had a dusting of snow a few days ago, and yesterday and today a few little pretty white snowflakes fell so Spring is still a ways off....

It gives us hope to plant seeds indoors.  We are hopeful of Spring even though we saw flakes fall outside the church windows as the Pastor spoke of new life in Jesus Christ.  He is risen, that is why we have hope. 

My second youngest daughter broke into tears today in the middle of church saying she didn't want to die.  After much nose blowing and talking about it later, she was simply struck by the reality of death and burial.  She was sure she didn't want to be under all that dirt, not able to get out. 

Having planted seeds Saturday under the dirt, knowing the process of burial, and then today hearing of Jesus death and resurrection, she connected the two very clearly.  I explained to her the peanut shell analogy and how our souls go to be with Jesus instantly and our bodies are just shells to be recycled into dirt.  We're not there!  Praise God, we are co-heirs with Christ, and will share in all His victories and triumphs of the cross..... even over death!  What good news this Easter, He is risen indeed.

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  1. How wonderful that your daughter began to understand what Christ did for her! I think seed planting is a wonderful way to understand salvation too. May the Lord continue to bless your sweet family!