Thursday, April 2, 2015

House Decompression

What is that?  Having the air sucked out of your home in order to determine where the air leaks are.  It's a whole lot more high tech than that, but that about sums it up.  It's a wonderful way to mathematically figure out how much fan ventilation one needs combined with any other outside vented appliances such as our wood stove and diesel Toyo Monitor heater.
What are you all doing in there?
Our dog was a little unsure if this was safe or not.  He is so protective and likes to be in the know.

Checking the numbers with some high tech readings...

I blogged awhile back about how God provides in so many different ways for all our needs and more...  this is just one more way.

We qualified for Interior Weatherization of Fairbanks, Alaska, program of making our home more energy efficient.  They came out today to do the actual labor.  They installed smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, a fire extinguisher, a better venting bathroom fan and dryer ventilation, blow in insulation in the attic, energy efficient light bulbs, and two air pressure tests that involved taking all the pressure out and finding out where the air leaks are.  They patched and sealed several places.

Then they walked around checking and caulking anything that had cold air coming in.  They spent a full 8 hour day of work here, for free.  There were four on the team, plus an electrician that was sub contracted.  Somehow, this program is funded at the state level with a little trickle from the federal government as well.  Tomorrow someone else will install another Toyo monitor diesel stove down in the basement and another day someone else is putting in a brand new Blaze king woodstove including the pipe and surround. 

We don't usually accept state funded help from programs, even if we do qualify because of the principle of the matter.  We like to know that we are working hard and receiving benefit from that work.  In saying this, my intention is not to look down on others for their personal choices, it's just that I see such value in trusting in God first above all else.  I enjoy learning and leaning onto Him for strength and support.  It deepens our relationship quickly and surely.

It gives us a sense of healthy pride and determination to be creative, careful, and good stewards of the resources we do have.  This program came so highly recommended and is such a savings for the home owner.  It would actually help to keep us off of having to use other programs because the money saved in energy costs is so great.  It almost feels like more of a reward for saving, earning, and buying a home so that our living expenses are indeed less. 

Because we have so many children they bumped us up to the front of the waiting list.  What a blessing.  They were all so kind and helpful.  What a fulfilling job, coming home at the end of the day knowing that you're helping someone save a lot of money to heat their home. 

My husband came home from work to observe and learn lots of great tips.  My oldest son was also fascinated with the work they do and the why's and how's of everything. 

I had a most enjoyable day just being Mom and homeschooling the kids and cooking and hosting.  It was very pleasant and the little ones had a great time too.  I never got a chance to share the gospel openly, but know that according to Scripture, the testimony of loving behavior between believers and family members will speak volumes. 

We'll never know what part of someone's salvation we will be called on to be a part of.  Some till soil, some plant seeds, and some are going to get to help with the harvest.  Isn't it wonderful that we all get to be part of God's team, and that He is patient and slow, not wanting anyone to perish in these last days?

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  1. What a wonderful blessing this is! So happy for you and your family that you will be all snug as a bug in a rug! Happy Easter to you and your family!