Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How God Provided Firewood

This post was written by my husband.  He enjoyed a day out with the  kids harvesting wood from the place our Pastor is logging....
                                                         "Some digging was required!"

     "Everyone helps haul wood to the truck.  What a creative way to haul it!"
      "Two Saturday's ago was unusually warm at about 35 degrees and the snow was melting!  Three of my kids and I loaded up the truck with wood cutting supplies and headed up to the logging landing.  When we got there, the logging crew offered us fuel, bar oil, an extra chainsaw, a dozer to pull us out if the truck got stuck, and precut wood!  Yes it was already cut into rounds and had been sitting in a pile since last summer.  The cutting boss took the dozer and pushed a huge pile of rounds toward the road to break it free from the ice chunk it had become.  All we had to do was back up and load it into the truck!  It was so easy.  I was all prepared to have a couple of hours of hiking to extra logs and cutting them up and all of us packing it to the truck.  It is difficult to find good wood this late in the season, but God knew what we needed.  He had prepared this wood like He had prepared this house we have moved into.  It is so easy to trust Him and what he has prepared for us to walk in by faith.  If only I would keep that in my mind more often!"

"Did he really just throw that huge log?"


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  1. Loving all your blog pictures. Love Alaska. Thanks for stopping by bloggerlovestheking. Oh those trees, and the moose - love them. Sourdough muffins sound good - never tried them although I buy sourdough wheat bread most weeks.