Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Thing We Like Snow!

Viewing the driveway from just off the front deck...
 P.S.  Don't ever take a road trip through Northern B.C. , The Yukon Territory or Alaska during the month of October!  We made it, frozen pillows and blankets stuck to the windows!  The front cab of the pickup was toasty but the camper was basically an overgrown ice cube!  At one point, for several hours nearing the Alaskan border, we had the heater turned up all the way to 90 degrees and it was still so cold that you could see your breath!  We had the best fun anyway!  I played a game of battleship with my 12 year old son that I'll never forget!  Sailing over frost heaves in the road while trying to get our numb fingers to push in the travel size pegs was hilarious!  We haven't laughed that long and that much in a long time.  It did help that we had chocolate handy as well!  So by the time we made it home, we were so happy to be just HOME!!!  We made it in five days from Monmouth, Oregon.  By the time we got home, the entire plumbing system was completely frozen.  It's a long story, better told by my husband...
Can you see me Mommy?

How long am I going to have to pose?

Anyone for a ride?
It is beautiful out today!  It's been snowing steady for the past day and night.  This morning we measured the snow.  Six inches!  It's so light and fluffy, almost like sand.  The kids are loving it!  I take the two littlest ones out everyday for 30 minutes to an hour if it's not to cold.  Usually baby gets towed around, much to his delight, by his three year old sister who enjoys it as well.  The older kids last much longer and go out any chance they can.  I know the excitement of fresh snow will eventually wear off around January and February...  but until then, it is great fun! 

Everything is so soft and pure and quiet.  There's hardly a breath of breeze and every tree and bush is covered in puffy white.   Even the night snow is gorgeous!  Daddy put in a motion sensor light a few days ago off the back porch.  It is a wonderful sight to see the diamond like snowflakes gently swirling to the ground.  You could just imagine as you look up against the black night sky that it's diamond dust, a little chilly that is, being sprinkled down all over you.

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