Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alaskan Entertainment

Icicle burglar

Showing off the prize!

Enjoying the noonday sun

Mama's Alaskan Head Gear

Baby's head gear:  sister's swim goggles

Peeling logs with a draw knife

This is hard work!

It takes two to hold the log down... thanks sister!
The winter is really here with close to a foot of snow and sub zero temperatures... we still go outside, it's just that we don't last as long on the really cold days.  The sun just peeps through the trees now.  It gets light around 9:00ish in the morning and gets dark around 4:30ish.  Already the sun seems far away...

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  1. This is all so intriguing to read you present from a Cheechako's perspective. You're good at finding/identifying the things that would be different/entertaining to Outsiders (we call visiting the lower-48 "going outside," ergo, "outsiders").

    Did you acquire your guinea pig and dog after arriving or bring them with you? (The dog looks like a local.)