Friday, September 30, 2016

A field trip to the Historic Brunk House

How long do we have to stand here and pose?

Having fun with an old hat...

This wreath was made of human hair! 

Enjoying my babies and munching on apples too....
We went to the Apple Cider day at the Historic Brunk House last Saturday.  It was so much fun looking in all the old rooms at all the things from yester year....1860 to be exact.  There was an old pair of spectacles from Scotland that had been handed down for what they thought may have been 200 years.  We can be handed down all sorts of "world views" from our forefathers without really stopping long enough to pause and reflect on whether or not that world view was correct. 

As I strolled along I mused that they were perhaps not that different from us....they had all the trappings and vanity of man as we do today.  They had an eye for beauty, they were well educated, they lived in a comfortable home and worked with vigor.  Nothing stands out as extraordinary to me except that their house is still standing along with a myriad of other items from long ago.

Time...people.... come and and in the bank.....come and  You get the picture...

But, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."  Hebrews 13:8

I'm realizing more and more that we really only have moments and in those moments are made seconds, minutes, hours and days.  They turn into weeks, months, years, and the passing of time.  Moments are more important than memories.  You cannot pick your true memories, they somehow choose themselves.  Sure, you can preserve snap shots or mementoes to help you, but ultimately, memories are made in moments and then they are gone....

SO enjoy all the precious moments you have today with all the precious people around you that God puts in your life day to day to day.  They were meant for from God to you.  Don't waste time in vain pursuits even if those around you assure you that you might be missing out.  CHERISH your moments today.

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  1. Jeannie, I love the beautiful thoughts that you have on subjects. We too visited the Brunk house that day but those weren't my thoughts. I was too busy comparing then to now and wondering which was better...Lol. Thanks for sharing your heart.