Saturday, August 6, 2016

The First Zucchini of the Season

It has arrived.....
 Please tell me you're as happy as these children when you pick your first zucchini of the summer...

The overgrown office
 Please tell me your desk at home sometimes looks like the above...don't you love it when your kids grab the camera and take everyday still life shots.  Why do they call them still life when it is anything but still...
Budding young Princess
 Life...please be still..they are growning up too fast, I'm so glad the kids grabbed the camera and took pictures or I never would have had this one....yes, I shed a tear when I flipped through these and saw my daughters, from teenage, elementary, and preschool all playing dress up and dance together.
Another young princess....wait, there's two!

You're interrupting my horse ride....ahem!
 Please tell me your children ride your couch cushions and you sometimes leave your vacuum in the living room....for a few days....OK....maybe even a week...argh!
Ship ahoy!  Or mow me down!
Big brother got creative with his mowing chores the other day and towed his siblings in a plastic boat behind him.  And, yes, safety conscious as he is, he had them wear earmuffs and eventually eye protection as well as a hanker chief for their mouth.

I probably should read my old posts before posting a new one....ha ha  I didn't realize I wrote about the same pictures twice.  I was thinking they seemed rather familiar...but you had been a while.

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