Friday, October 7, 2011

Kulane Lake, Southwest Yukon, Canada 
 This lake is 43 miles long!  It took almost an hour to drive the length of it.  It is breathtaking beautiful.  The true color of the lake doesn't show in the pictures but it looks like someone put dye in the water and is a light greenish blue. 
How did these giant rocks get here?

Now be careful little brother!

It's too cold to swim... but someone put their shoe in anyway...

Do I have to get in the camper again?

All seven of us really do fit in here all at once!  Can you believe it?!

My hands are freezing!  Get me some gloves, quick!
This lake is amazing.  It is so big and blue and surrounded by almost desert like terrain.  It is very dry and hardly any trees.  Many places in the Yukon and northern B.C. are like the Columbia River Gorge.  It is so evident that there was glacial ice sheets and a world wide flood at one time.  There's an awesome video clip of the ice age from a Creationist view point on Answer's in Genesis website.  It's only a few minutes but it is so well done.  Here's the site if any one's interested:  Scroll down until you see the picture labeled, "Ice Age"  It's a ways down... but well worth it.  This site is one of my kids' favorite places on the Internet.

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